Body Butter - lavender mint


Made from the finest all-natural ingredients, the soothing mix of calming lavender and refreshing corn mint combined with oils, mango and shea butters hydrate your skin. there are so many health benefits attributed to lavender and corn mint; stress reliever, promotes restful sleep, and improved mood. The calming qualities of this body butter is great when applied after a warm bath or shower.


mango and shea butterhemp extractherbal mint
mango butter, shea butter, organic coconut oil, vitamin e, hemp extract (CBD), essential oil blend of lavender and corn mint

dosage recommendations

We recommend an as needed dosage for our butters. Rub a little bit on to cover the skin - a little goes a long way with this powerful blend – and wait 10-15 minutes. If you feel like you need more, re-apply as needed throughout the day to get the desired effect.

tips + tricks

Our customers tell us they love to use this after a bath or shower to lock-in moisture or to calm sensitive areas after a shave. From elbows to toes, you can’t go wrong or use too much. We know the smelly taste might make it tempting, but please don’t eat it!

contact us!

please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions! We answer a lot of questions from our customers and will be happy to provide any information we can to help you learn more about our products.