Get To Know Us

Our Team

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “The sum is greater than its parts.” Aristotle first coined the expression to explain the idea of synergy…meaning the combined effect of individual parts to make something bigger and better than what each individual part could accomplish alone.

At Wander, we’re all about synergy – from our ingredients, to our team, to our extended Wander family of partners, community, and customers.

Actually, we bet our team is made up of people a lot like you…human beings on our own personal journey with families, pets, hobbies, and interests. We are a US military veteran, marketing professionals, customer experience experts, product geniuses, and even a former teacher (he’s our best sales person, go figure!)…all wandering a path together to discover a natural way to health and wellness.

Before Wander was born, our team experienced many CBD and hemp products on the market … always left wanting something better. So began the journey to use all of our collective skills, talents, and passions to fulfill our mission guided by a single, but very important philosophy.

We are hardworking and dedicated people just like you, and have built this company with health and wellness in mind. We’re proud of our roots and our support of local businesses, too.

Our Mission

We wake up each day focused on one thing: growing the Wander family of CBD, and plant-based medicine enthusiasts. We want CBD to be in every medicine cabinet – it’s a lofty goal, we know. That’s okay with us – we’re used to going big! So, how are we going to achieve this mission? Simple – through a combination of educating our extended Wander family (that’s you), and creating only high-quality products for a reasonable price. See? Simple.

Our Philosophy

We’re guided by the philosophy of always doing the right thing. It may sound simple, but simple is not always easy. The right thing can be challenging to accomplish. It usually takes more time and resources, but we hold ourselves to a pretty high standard. At Wander, we aim to do the right thing by our customers and everyone in our family from partners to employees. Every conversation, every transaction, and every product is the embodiment of our commitment to doing the right thing.

We promise to always stand behind our products and philosophy. Thanks for Wandering along this journey with us.